“Silence, the unmeasurable, desire to be, desire to express, the source of new need, meets Light, the measurable, giver of all presence…” ~ Louis I. Kahn, Between Silence and Light: Spirit in the Architecture of Louis I. Kahn by John Lobell

on europe’s tallest peak accessible by cable car, in switzerland, there is a crucifix, and underneath it the words: “be more human”.

strange words to find when one travels, at least metaphorically speaking, to heights that bring us closer to whatever we chose to represent our ideals, our most ambitious goals and enlightened selves.

go back, be more human.

there are times when in spite of our most desirable achievements, we feel like guests in our own lives. we don’t say what we really want to say, nor do what we feel or want to do. we reside in a place of silence, surrounded by potential, and even though we try so hard, and do the best we think we can do, what manifests is a completely inauthentic reality.

for so many years i’ve  looked in books, in nature, studied people and situations; i looked outside and inside, as if i had lost something.
until one day i realized that i will never recognize something that is already there if i assume it is missing.

happiness is an ongoing accomplishment. because it constantly reinvents itself, we can never lose it…only disengage from it. and when we do, we sink into silence.

the journey from silence to light is about happiness, which is not always pleasure, but is always about discovering how we truly wish to create ourselves. so that instead of just following a path, we ourselves become that path, and take ownership of a genuine life.

in other words, we become even more human.

because we are already divine. whatever this notion conjures up for each of us, depending on where we stand when it comes to religion and spirituality. our challenge is to embrace the happiness we already have, and allow it to reinvent itself.

live more, love more, give more, and definitely laugh more.


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