Dreaming of a blue cove: a plea for help


No, this isn’t a mistake. I am, for the first time, using a post to ask for your help.

On the Silence to Light Facebook page, I share daily inspirations. There, as I do here in my posts, I talk about personal healing and wellness. We all get stuck, we all struggle, and so we all need some encouragement, a boost to our self-confidence, a bit of hope, a smile, a show of support and love, reassurance that there are people out there, even strangers, who genuinely care.

But we can not focus our attention and self-improvement efforts on ourselves alone. Healing and wellness are incomplete if we do not look around us and reach out in whatever ways available. We live in the world, and the world needs us to notice, to care, to get involved and contribute.

Not everyone can be an activist, not everyone needs to. But we can all do something. And every bit makes a huge difference.

If there are causes you are actively involved with, you know too well how difficult it is to see the endless manifestations of suffering, the constant pleas for help, and live with a heartbreaking sense of helplessness every time you realize that no matter what you’ve done or given, there are still so many for whom help never arrives, or arrives too late.

At the same time, you also know the indescribable joy and gratitude when wonderful things happen…and they happen every day. Like beneficial legislation being passed, land being saved, animals being rescued and/or adopted…all those moments when people join together, in small, local communities, on Facebook pages, and also all over the world to make a difference, to stand up for injustice, to give a voice to the voiceless. In these moments, our humanity shines through, and the sense of one-ness and connection are simply overwheming.

Today I am asking you to make a call or send a fax on behalf of the dolphins in the Taiji cove (Japan). For a few days, the Sea Shepherd and others are watching and updating the world on what’s going on. Killing boats have gone out and returned empty-handed. However today, a pod of 20-22 pilot whales have been caught, and are being held overnight in the cove. Local police suggested it might be 2 days before the slaughter begins, however, other reports indicate buyers will come in the morning for the meat. And this is what awaits:

Many have asked why those watching are not diving to cut the nets. Should anyone try it, they would be arrested and jailed. We are dealing with a foreign country, a significant police presence, and local fishermen who have legal permits to do what they’re about to do. And, as it is, monitoring the situation is difficult, as locals and authorities are not exactly thrilled to have all this bad publicity.

So, I am asking you to please take a few moments of your time and contact your local Japanese Embassy or consulate. In the US, you can contact the Embassy in DC and consulates in various cities.

Here is the list for the US and around the world…each link provides phone, fax and email:


Phone-calls and faxes are preferred, as they draw the most attention. Even if you do not have a fax, you can use FREE internet fax services such as www.faxzero.com which will allow you to send 5 faxes in a day.

I can not explain why this issue stands out for me among the many causes I support and am involved with. (The slaughter doesn’t only happen in Japan, it happens every year in the Faroe Islands.) Perhaps it is the fact that we are dealing with the unnecessary slaughter of such intelligent and highly social creatures, and therefore, my reasoning is that if we can somehow help them, we will also be able to do more for other species whose intelligence is conventionally deemed more modest in human terms.

And surely it is the sense of freedom I associate with the sea and its amazing creatures. The sea awakens in me such powerful emotions…love, humility, respect and awe. And then image of dolphins in that blue cove trapped behind nets, waiting to die…

I cried tonight when I read the latest update from the cove, and I go to bed with a very heavy heart. Still, I hope that if not tomorrow, then one day, by virtue of people getting involved, the blue cove of Taiji will never turn red again.

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