Diary of a grumpy day

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copyright grumpy-people.com

Ok so Jupiter’s direct but Mars is retrograde…or whatever. I am not going back to that horror-scope to check. And apparently once again, after the profound transformations back in December when the world was supposed to end but didn’t, February is destined to be yet another month of everything going upside down just when we might thing it’s all good, a month when we need to surrender to the will of the universe as we are even more transformed, as our self-imposed boundaries are dismantled, minds expanded…and so on and so forth.

In other words boys & girls, this month too is going to suck big time.

Meanwhile, the devil made me buy TIME’s yearly publication of discoveries and marvel achievements for last year. And it turns out that, even with the Jupiters and Saturns and Mars-es doing whatever they do every year, stuff got done. Really cool and really useful stuff. And it all worked!

For example, Chinese architect Ma Yansong of MAD architects designed a honeycomb building to die for, mapping air-flows and solar direction across the darn thing, so it’s not only super energy efficient, but also has a façade that holds the thing up…thus no internal support structures. NASA’s making a new space suit for Mars (hopefully to help stop it from going retrograde and messing up our lives), Google comes up with the coolest friggin goggles, Izhar Gafni, an Israeli designer comes up with a 100% cardboard bicycle that’s not only cool, cheap and sturdy, but totally green. We’ve got new bandages and holographic thingies, superglue and edible dinnerware, sugar-powered batteries, physics stuff I can’t mention because I need to read about it a dozen more times so I get what they’re talking about, the first HIV prevention drug in the works, stem cell research to restore hearing, and the discovery of where Shakespeare’s Curtain Theatre (pre the Globe) is…the place where Henry V and other gems premiered!

So yeah, stuff got done people…with or against the will of the planets and the gods.

So today, as the pool pump failed yet again, as various issues around the home got re-discovered and re-examined, as the bills started coming, while contemplating the joys of an unavoidable visit to the dentist and in general, the royal mess that has claimed my exact earthly coordinates, I’m wondering about my own grand achievements to date…and why the planets are picking on me!

I’ve always hated it when in a moment similar to this, when it’s all about a rant, someone comes in and says “but you’re such a good mom!” Oh my god. I never say it back, but I’m telling you what I’m thinking…rodents have offspring for god’s sakes! What merit can I claim that’s so extraordinary? Other non-human species clean and maintain their dens and nests, probably better than I do my house. Ants make ant-hills and spiders make webs. I lose at Jenga to my 8 year old! Meanwhile, I’m writing a blog post three people will read and I’m cursing tree needles and roof leaks.

Someone asked me for professional advice today. Needless to say the life-coaching practice is closed at the moment. I’m out on break, and notably not in Venice or on the Riviera, where I would, god forbid, sip cocktails whilst experiencing less transformation and spiritual growth, yet taking glorious photos others can share on Facebook about the wonderful world we live in.

I don’t want to hear these are first world problems, nor do I want to hear about the suffering in the world, because believe me, I get plenty of visual and written reminders on a daily basis from all the causes and organizations I support.

Ok, time to go back to the chores, then read some more news about some fabulous 7 year old who’s saving the rainforest as we speak, and other lovely news about anniversaries, engagements, weddings, parties, what’s new at BCBG, and how real women breastfeed for 10 years and run 20 million mile marathons.

Sorry if my rant made anyone feel down, blame the giants in the sky, I am not responsible for their sadistic maneuverings.


The Poet

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  1. Obviously more than 3 people read this ;-)…I feel ya, and I’m right there with ya!


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