All is a gift…so give thanks


horse running“What you are is God‘s gift to you, what you become is your gift to God.” ~ Hans Urs von Balthasar, Prayer

Some stunning imagery. It’s a strange song…so familiar. (the link in case the video doesn’t embed:

Tonight is a full moon…a beautiful light, a celebration. And so I found this song & video which perfectly describes the journey. Your journey. Mine.

Like the song says, lend your ears, your hands, your movement…come to teach and be taught. Connect with the earth…with the water, wind, sky, sun, moon, rock, tree, grass. Become.

Touch a building, concrete, wood, a wall…touch your bed, the fruit you pick up to eat.

Feel…feel for the soul in all things. They are all made of this earth. Give thanks.

Open your eyes and see, see how we all are the kiss of the sky and the earth, vessels of the same eternity.

See…see the soul in all things. And give thanks.

God’s names are infinite…choose a name that fits you. Celebrate it. Share it. And give thanks.

Look to nature, listen, then go within…so that your soul can connect with all that is around you, so that you can share your name. And give thanks.

If you would allow, regardless of your spiritual tradition, a power animal will come to guide you, and light will enter through your wounds…because your wounds are the keys to your healing and to grace.

Dream for a moment, so that you will know you are not dreaming but truly alive, so that will recognize that it is not possible to not dream, to not love, to not be.

And embrace your guardians and guides…the spirit jaguar, lion, horse, alligator, spider, fish, eagle, butterfly, sparrow, swan, condor, hummingbird, peacock, bear, snake…whichever one comes is the one you need now….to help you remember that you are free, to lead you out of silence and fear, out of the fog and into the light. Your light.

Dare to trust, surrender to grace. You are already blessed. So give thanks.

All is a gift.

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