Make a wish, a beautiful wish this Easter

healing love

“Now is the time to know
That all that you do is sacred.

Why do you still
Throw sticks at your heart
And God?

What is it in that sweet voice inside
That incites you to fear?

This is the time
For you to compute the impossibility
That there is anything
But Grace.”

~ Hafiz

Even though my beliefs come from many spiritual traditions, today I find myself thinking of a man alone, on a cross, dying because of a love so great, with faith shaken yet so strong that it is both easy and yet overwhelming to imagine.

And then I think of all those driven to the edge of our world…the healers, the saints, the prophets…both commoners and those believed to have been granted special gifts; all those who were accused of being mad and evil, who were chased, imprisoned, and murdered for doing nothing more than trying to bring light, a light that was not convenient or wanted at one time or another.

Perhaps to love and believe that there is something sacred in this world worth protecting at all cost, is insanity. Perhaps to claim there is anything worth waiting for or fighting for in the grim reality of our existence so often defined by selfishness, indifference and outright cruelty, or else poisoned by fear and refusal to confront it, is insanity. Perhaps to believe that true love can endure and always prevails is insanity.

Tomorrow, the man on the cross would have died and come back to life. Does it matter if the resurrection ‘really’ happened? It seems to me what matters is the idea, the reality of commitment to a love greater than what logic would allow, the opportunity for healing and renewal on this day, and actually, on any given day, that is available to all who would take it.

So make a wish, a great and beautiful wish this Easter, regardless of your spiritual tradition, leaving aside politics and the ego for a little while. Give yourself permission to allow your pain and lesser deeds of unkindness and betrayal to yourself and perhaps to others, be removed and transformed. Release your fears, shortcomings, harsh judgments of yourself and the judgments others have placed on you. Do not think why it can’t be done…release them with your heart…reach out with your heart. The heart knows how to…even if you may have forgotten.

Trust with a smile that you are worthy of nothing less than a happy, beautiful life…that you are loved, and so welcomed; that there are those who love you more than words can ever explain, who know your light, beyond deeds and time and all the difficulties of life. And that there are indeed sacred things in this world, greater than your mistakes and oversights…simple, beautiful things that can not be broken.

There is a beautiful Hawaiian practice of forgiveness and reconciliation…and it comes with these simple words: “I am sorry; please forgive me; I love you; I thank you”. This is my gift to you today, and I hope it will be your gift to yourself and others as well.

Be well, be blessed, and know your wish will come true. Here is the music to prove it:

“For I have learned that every heart will get

 What it prays for

Most.” ~ Hafiz

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