A letter from the soul

found at animal-backgrounds.com
found at animal-backgrounds.com

Ever since happiness heard your name, it has been running through the streets trying to find you.” ~ Hafiz

Yes, as far as souls go, I am rather opinionated.

But I have also been very patient…only nudging you when I should have directed you to a wake-up call via your briefly ‘greeting’ a tree while you walked in the street with your head in the clouds…not dreaming, but trying to figure out how to increase your misery.

Don’t even bother protesting…don’t make a face and sigh as if you are surprised or offended. Enough theater for one lifetime.

Yes, I chose to travel with you because you have such beautiful potential and so many brilliant qualities. I can journey alone, but the journey together can be so much more interesting and fun. I did expect quite the adventure, and I was willing to overlook your lesser moods and stubbornness. But I did not sign up to journey with a brat I have to chase and fight only so that we both end up getting nowhere.

I am irritated and bored. This is not fun or interesting, your antics are predictable and limiting in the extreme.

Seriously, what IS your problem? Are you still under the impression this life of yours is some sort of rehearsal, that you get to waste everything and then when you’re done fooling around they’ll be another go?

Let’s get something straight. I will have another go. You will not. THIS is all you get…this little time, this world.

I’ve done my share and I have done it well. I opened paths for you…but you dug holes. I patched the holes and you sought other barriers. I put your feet on the grass and you looked to step on every sharp stone and every thorn you could find in every direction. (Curiosity is one thing…obnoxious, overdone masochism is quite another.)

I guided you to every resource you needed, and you feigned ignorance. I placed every manner of opportunity within reach, and you turned your back, crying over being stuck. I brought you gifts, you threw them away, pretending you are afraid to take them…and then cried again over an imagined emptiness. I brought you a great love to sustain you and help you see, but you closed your eyes and walked into a cave.

You are not weak, you are not stupid, you are not alone. So what is your bloody problem?!?!

Anyway, I’ve asked you before…gently. But this time, I’ve had it. You are spoiled, selfish and impossible. And I may be infinite, but my patience has run out.

Obviously I can’t tell you everything. But I have given you enough clues about what this journey can be and where it might take us. We can get creative and make this a really great story. But if you’re bent on ruining this entire trip just so you can have your tantrums, I’m not playing anymore.

If you want to know what it’s really like to be stuck, to be abandoned, to be without opportunities and resources, to be unloved…I can arrange that. Think about it well and good, because once I set you up in the scenario you seem so determined to create, there’s no turning back. I will go to sleep, and you will travel alone…forever.

Your forever that is. I will wake up eventually and have another go. But you…you will be gone and forgotten.

So dearest one, I do love you more than these mortal words can possibly describe. But I’m only going to ask you one more time…do you want a chance at a beautiful story, or do you want to end up a mere husk? Leave a note and let me know.

But first, read that quote again…happiness is trying to find you and calling your name.

Yours truly,

The soul

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