Live your love, live your words…


The highest and most beautiful things in life are not to be heard about, nor read about, nor seen but, if one will, are to be lived.” ~ Søren Kierkegaard

I’ve been asked to write something lovely today. (after that sobering soul letter) And so I am. It’s Easter week for me. Yes, the other Easter, this year on May 5th. This is the Easter when my pastel colored eggs and ribbons come in. And love letters of course.

I thought of Søren Kierkegaard…his beautiful quotes and warnings…”it is impossible to exist without passion”. Indeed.

And so I invite you to write a love letter this week. Let the heart be free and just sing. Forget about the how-s and why not-s and all the rest of the shadows. We don’t have time for shadows…we have time for romance. Besides, what is the risk? To create some more light where there is little or none?

But it goes beyond the writing. I mentioned this before…there appear to be close to three-quarters of a million words available for use in the English language. The math is not exact, but all nuances considered, that’s a lot of words.

Remember though that all of them, no matter how many times they are spoken or written, mean nothing unless they are lived.

And words are the voices of your thoughts and feelings that swim around in your head and heart and soul like mischievous mermaids, winking incessantly. You know your favorites, which ones are genuine and which ones are not. You know how soft or sharp their scales are. You know the exact shade of blue or green or pink in their eyes. You know how they sing and when, and you know what tricks they like to play. You know their favorite seasons, their sorrows and giggles. You’ve tasted their tears and kissed their joy. You can’t pretend they do not exist. And so you can’t not live them.

With words we bless ourselves and make ourselves real. If not lived, the words unmake us.

You have to live your Love or else You’ll only end in words.” ~ Rumi

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