white rose

“Happiness is the longing for repetition.” Milan Kundera

And so it is. Not monotony, not limitation, but a repetition of the opportunity to experience both the familiar and the unexpected, in an ever-changing, surprising balance.

Happiness is potential revealed through connection…with a person, a place or anything else in life. Only in this way, with this gift can we learn how to trust more and “perform” less…until trust is complete, and the “performance” becomes a pure, honest and generous sharing, a freedom allowing us to manifest, and manifesting for us, imaginable and unexpected shades of joy and fulfillment.

Through this gift that constantly reinvents itself, transforms us and ultimately all that is around us as well, we begin to discover the extraordinary and the miraculous in ordinary, small things. What we touch truly touches us. Our love, our work come alive…truly alive.

Without this, we just live, we just work, we just interact. Distractions have their usefulness and deliver some pleasure, but in the end we are trapped in the repetition of  routines and commitments that lead only to stagnation…and ultimately, to unhappiness. We remain hungry, thirsty, restless and lost in a half-life.

Sometimes, with some people and in some things, there is little potential for happiness…or none. Not everyone or everything fits, which is why we all search to find those people and things that do.

Sometimes, the potential we find is huge. And yet, instead of a celebration, tragically, it all gets destroyed.

Everyone claims to seek happiness and welcome it, yet people fear happiness (and potential) most. They confuse it with a distraction, with an empty routine. And so they look at the present and future through a filter of errors and restrictions from the past…their own, those of others.

It’s like attempting to embroider a new and delicate fabric using a large, rusty nail. It’s not going to work, the fabric will tear and will of course, appear to have been worthless.

It really is as simple as that. And that wrong.

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