The words upon which to build a simple, beautiful happiness

prayer of light

“Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside You.”

I was going to write something very important. It was a bit of a rant, a bit of a lecture touched by passion, by determination to do good…sharpened by anger and frustration with so much injustice and suffering…softened by empathy and awareness of how fragile we all are, how different and yet how much the same: all of us struggling for a voice, for meaning, for courage, for a bit of happiness and peace.

Yes, I was going to write something very important, sword in hand. If only I could find the right words again to cut through so much error…I could bring more clarity, more wisdom, and everyone would get more of what they need to get, turn their lives around, and there would be more happiness everywhere.

I might as well have been at my desk dressed in armor, sitting not on a chair but on some warhorse ready to charge…with the best of the best of intentions…for the best cause. My fingers couldn’t wait to touch the keyboard. So much needs to be set straight…so many wrongs made right.

And then, suddenly, a thought came to ask: “So who will you strike first?”

The mighty sword I carried fell to the floor. I turned to look outside at the grass, at the soft afternoon light, at the birds on the fence checking out the yard before taking turns to drink water I put for them in the morning. And I smiled as I began to say the words:

“I’m sorry…please forgive me…I love you…I thank you…”

Ah yes, these words…the same simple words that always find me when they sense I need to be reminded of the foundation upon which that simple, beautiful happiness I, and everyone else wish to create, can actually be created.

They took off my armor, pushed my hands away from the keyboard, put away the articles, the studies and all the wisest wisdom I had stacked around me like a barricade of righteousness.

I wrote in the birthday fairy post that I wanted to brag a little about what I learned this year. Well, here it is. Only when we can bow to the one we condemn most…apologize, offer love and thanks…and understand why we are doing it…

…then, and only then, can we start creating that simple, beautiful happiness for ourselves, and then share it with others.

Yes, it all begins with “I’m sorry…please forgive me…I love you…I thank you…”.

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