Of fear, dreams and living

horse couple

You think because you understand ‘one’ you must also understand ‘two’, because one and one make two. But you must also understand ‘and.’ ~Rumi

On birthdays we tend to think of these things…dreams and fear. And as the years add up, the perk is we have more clarity, experience, and a sense of urgency hopefully driven by confidence and excitement. (As opposed to chased by panic, although that’s ok once in a while too, it happens to all of us, which is one reason they invented margaritas!)

The dreams are many, as they should be. Some belong to us alone, most are meant to be shared. There’s nothing more fun or necessary for that matter than to keep dreaming, and dream beautifully…pursue those things which inspire us…as much, and as often as we can.

As for the fear, there is basically only one.

I was trying to better define it (read control it, so it wouldn’t scare me as much) after the birthday that just passed, and I remembered the video that found me last month, one I hadn’t watched or thought about in a long time. Those of you familiar with the show will undoubtedly remember this very memorable bit.

While watching it, and of course reaching for the Kleenex, I realized once again that it doesn’t make us tear up because of sadness, but because of joy. The joy of having this life to live and the opportunity to stand together, take chances with ourselves and each other, despite all our mistakes and imperfections. It made me realize again that all obstacles can be overcome, that all slates can be made clean with love, trust, and just a tiny bit of courage.

And most importantly, that in each of our lives, we come across some things and people who are simply irreplaceable.

So yes, it seems to me the fundamental fear isn’t one of death as is often suggested, or of failing to prove ourselves. The fear is of ending up with a list of solitary achievements instead of a wall crowded with prints left by a shared story…and feel as if we have simply passed through this thing called life without ever stopping to actually live here and be really seen, witnessed, wanted and needed.

There is much we can (and should) do and dream of on our own. But not everything. Not even most of everything.

(here is the link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMQ-Fpw2Ju0)

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