Why (and how) to plant stars

photo credit: NASA, ESA and A. Nota (STScI/ESA)
photo credit: NASA, ESA and A. Nota (STScI/ESA)

“I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, then all at once.” ~ John Green

It’s not as easy as it sounds, even metaphorically speaking. (But it is necessary, and what thing in this world worth doing is ever even remotely easy?)

To plant stars, first you need seeds. And since not every laugh or tear will give you one, you will have to sift through many, many moments of laughter and many, many moments of tears if you seek to gather a few seeds.

This part might take a very long time. So you need to be patient. Read your Gibran poem on love. You can always have the seasonless world, but, if you want something real, you have to cry all of your tears and laugh all of your laughter. Well…almost all.

I know, I like the laughter part too, and shudder(ed) always at the tears part, because I didn’t think they are so many to be had in an ordinary life even on a dark, long night. (But, we have to walk our verses if we are to have any credibility whatsoever.)

The actual planting must, unavoidably (and unfortunately), be done on a very dark night, so that you can see the tiny seeds sparkle and space them carefully. In the light, the seeds are very difficult to see, let alone handle. 

I say unfortunately because as you might have noticed in your own life, very dark nights are also very very long. And very very difficult. And very very dangerous. And very very cold.

But don’t be discouraged. A long night is a good lesson that should not be wasted. And we should all plant stars at least once in our lives. One star or many. We should all sit at least once through a very very dark and very very long night so that we may know Fear, and greet it, and tame it with an open, humble heart. It is the only way to really know that special kind of love we must all know.

And even more than that. Not just know, but allow in-love-ness…with love itself, with ourselves, with another. And most importantly, with the trust in all that was and all that can be.

But I don’t need to explain all this…or why it’s important to plant stars. You already know all the reasons.

One more thing though. Some will suggest that to see stars blossom, you will have to endure another dark and long night, which is rather counter-productive. Why would anyone go through such demanding circumstances to reach a goal which may then only be enjoyed in equally demanding circumstances?

One would not. And there is no need to endure any more dark, long nights to see a star blossom. Because the sun is also a star.

Therefore…after those very very dark and very very long nights in our lives when we have finally gathered some star seeds and managed to plant them, what awaits us in their blossomings is always a sunrise.

Trust that.

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