Unfinished story before a new year


stars forming

What? No end-of-year post? That can not be!

But I have little to say. Certainly nothing poetic. Or so it seems. Quietness is hardly something one can fill a blog post with. (Well, maybe I could get away with it if I put a bunch of hashtags!)

And let’s be honest, everyone wants something poetic, infinitely wise and inspiring…soft, beautiful words, like the wings of angels, to wrap themselves in.

Everyone wants stars to awaken inside their souls, a great story to cry over, and at least one small miracle to open inside their palms at the end of another long year.

Everyone wants to walk away with a beautiful gift, a little reward for believing and trying, for being real and naked, for embracing fear and pain and still finding gratitude at the edges of every scar, mistake or misfortune.

Me too.

But you see, this year, for the first time ever, the lessons and the awakenings don’t seem to be adding up to anything. They make no sense. It’s like an unfinished story. And it’s never happened before.

My whole life, every single storm and journey, even the most unbearably long and oppressive ones, led to a good outcome. Sometimes, it even felt the universe spilled diamonds in my lap. Yes, there were many difficult times and struggles, but in the end, I always stood with my head held high, and knew…knew who I was, where I had been, what I had earned, where I was going. I was grateful. Suddenly, the mess that I had come out of made sense.

But not now, not this year. And it’s very unsettling. Granted there are a few days left until the end of the year…so who knows, something unexpectedly wonderful might happen to complete the story.

Still, I want to leave you with something. First, my thanks…my gratitude for your presence, all the visits and the likes. Your presence dear readers makes my soul smile.

Second, the only advice that has never stopped making sense: be kind to yourselves and to others. Try as much as much as possible to forgive yourselves and others for every sin and imperfection alike. Be gentle with your own soul. Be gentle with the souls of others, for we all have one, no matter what our momentary disguise may be.

And last but not least, I wish that your journeys will make sense, and that the universe will spill diamonds in your lap. That you will walk into a new year with your heads held high. You might not know everything, but may you know enough to smile and confidently walk towards those things that inspire you and bring you joy…to come home…to be home. I wish you love, and strength, and courage, and more love.

Oh, and this:

“I’ll throw
voice into the stars and maybe
the echo of my words will
be written for you
in the clouds by

All I am trying
to say is:
I will love
Through the darkness.”

~ Christopher Poindexter

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  1. paulinemah says:

    Thank you for another beautiful post.


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