Only wonderful, wonderful things


It makes no sense and it’s counter-intuitive. Which is why we first come across this most important of lessons in some book of wisdom, and only later come to understand it through personal experience.

The lesson is that sometimes, in order to go forward, we must first take many steps back.

To create peace, sometimes we must create chaos. To see, sometimes we must know blindness. To recognize home, sometimes we must run away and get very very lost. To heal, sometimes we must allow a shattering greater than any we have ever known.

It’s not easy. We are all afraid. Of truth, of light, and of love – just as much as we fear lies and darkness and unlove. We are afraid to open and afraid of the good pain and the bad pain alike.

But, there is no other way. We must be clean and trusting if we intend to walk into our life instead of continuing to hide from it.

Hardship and challenge do not last forever. And then, the time comes in every journey when the essential lesson has been delivered and lived.

There is no avoiding the door that opens. There is no mistaking it for something else. We are ready. And we have a choice: to accept the rewards we have earned, trust them, keep working with them, remember why we are here in the first place…or not.

So yes, just like that, we can forget that we forgot.

We can choose to wipe our brow of the heavy questions and know that nothing did or could ever go wrong. We can choose to see that all we’ve been doing was slowly (sometimes painfully, sometimes angrily, sometimes in oblivion, sometimes mindfully) simply cleansing our shadows, healing old wounds, removing all the shackles and barriers that needed to go.

We can choose to open our eyes and see that we never left home.

We can choose to see our own light once again…our soul, our path, our trust, our happiness, our strength, our purpose, our wishes…and hopefully also the mirror that reflects them back to us with love.

Only love. And so much of it.

We can choose to remember the tenderness, kindness and laughter we’ve known, believe they are real…truly and always real. Because they are.

Do you know what happens then?

Only wonderful, wonderful things.

“What happens when people open their hearts? They get better.” ― Haruki Murakami

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  1. paulinemah says:

    Thank you. Once again you’ve managed to put into words what’s been in my head and heart…..


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