This. Now.


lion walking home

“take an axe to the prison wall,
walk out like someone
suddenly born into color
do it Now.” ~ Rumi

Sometimes everything seems suddenly unmade. Or else it  just seems off. Because it is.

Failure is odd. Because as it crushes, it reveals what was missing in the first place. And suddenly it is no longer failure but a revelation.

You know what is required to live not as a reflection, not in shadow, not in a scripted confusion…but for real. To live simply, with fear embraced by joy, and a small happiness blossoming gently, taking its time, smiling softly in your wounded, timid, and beautiful heart.

Magic is in your hands at last.

Sometimes you reach the end of words. It seems a sadness at first, a dead-end. But that is the moment when the lie also vanishes, and that dark, unnecessary stain on your soul is gone.

There is no more need for a choice between different paths. There is only one path. You have become the path.

And so there is no more need for a thought or a plan. There is only doing.


Sometimes, suddenly, you can.

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