Do not read this


forest light

And do not open.

Do not try.

Do not trust. There is nothing to trust.

Do not imagine even for a moment there is something in this world that is real and worthy.

Do not trust any promises were actually kept. Everyone breaks their promises and everyone goes away in the end. 

Do not imagine even for a moment that there is anything but darkness within you.

Do not look, do not see, do not feel.

Do not listen to your heart or intuition. They always lie.

Do not admit that you know.

Do not imagine you are loved. Nobody is loved like that. It’s a lie.

Do not allow tenderness to break through. It never does. It can not. Just like love, it has no power and it doesn’t really exist.

Do not step beyond pride, beyond that suffering or that expensive recovery.

Do not step through silence.

Do not remember where you are home and do not go there.

Do not allow a blossoming or a little grace to bring to life all that remains unsung and wasted.


Do not open.

And above all, do not believe.


Unless of course, you read this.

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  1. MK says:

    What?! Are you kidding me?!


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