Saying what can’t be said





Because Mercury is in retrograde until the 25th.

Well, no wonder. Haven’t been able to finish a proper post, and I’m so not going to touch my drafts until the end of the month.

But even if dear Mercury would not be doing its dance backwards, there is always the difficulty with saying what can’t be said, yet needs to be said. But…saying it outright erases the true benefit in the message and intention. So how to say it? You have this diamond to deliver, but if you do, it turns into coal. And you turn into a toad. Or similar.

Sometimes, some of us feel, see and know in ways that are not exactly scientifically explained. When and if that happens to you, and especially if it’s a constant element in your life, you know the frustration I’m trying to describe. You know the value of what you would share and yet you must sit in silence. If you do step up and offer anything, it will become a vulgar act. Imagine how someone might feel if someone else walked up to them out of the blue and said…“I know you’re wearing the blue underwear and have neck cramps”. Yeah, no, not exactly a smooth ice breaker or conversation starter.

So yes, the recipient will likely be humiliated by your gift, and very annoyed. Because in the end, it’s so much your business yet not your business at all. You are bound to witness and pressured to step in, yet you can not possibly interfere.

And besides, there is always the possibility you are wrong.

There are of course, other ways of saying things and checking that the message was at least received. But, just as with words, just because something is read or heard doesn’t mean it’s understood or, most importantly, accepted.

Yes, I’ve had something to say that can’t be said for some time now, but now it really needs to be said because its relevance is peaking. I can’t possibly say it outright. But I did say it here anyway. And if it’s not understood, I will very conveniently blame dear Mercury’s backwards dance.

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