Today (a moment)

leaf on bench

“Why is she contemplating another gift?” some asked.

“Because today” others answered.

“Oh” some frowned. “She did not forget?”

“No, she remembers.”


“Did she cry?”

“No, she did not cry. Today she smiled. It’s what she does now.”

“Surely she was sad” some insisted.

“Perhaps” others answered.

Everyone was silent and thoughtful for a while. Some struggled to understand. Others didn’t find it necessary.


“But” some asked again, pausing to emphasize the gravity of the question “another gift? Why does she still want to give gifts?”

Others looked up.

“She used to say those who want to, and see, and know, and most of all, who can, should never hesitate”. 

“Truly” some agreed.

“And besides” others added, “this is how she is. Would it be better if she pretended to be someone else?”

Some considered. “And if that is how she is, then perhaps she knows no other way” they said.

All nodded.


“Still” some continued, “does another gift matter? Did any?”

“Not in the way you think, no” others answered.

Some raised their eyebrows. Others noticed.

“If it must matter, then it is no longer a gift” they explained. “She knows that now.”

Some nodded again.


And everyone went back to what they were doing.



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