Ready. Act. Now.

“ESTRAGON:Well, shall we go?
VLADIMIR:Yes, let’s go.
They do not move.
~ Samuel Beckett, Waiting for Godot


So many people around me stuck. Waiting. To make that call, write that letter, sign that contract, make that move. You name it, they’re waiting on it.

I want to shake them. Vigorously.

I want to yell.

“How much time do you think you have?!?!” 

I don’t yell. I try to make my point gently. Of course the point isn’t taken.

And then come the excuses.

It’s because whatever needs to be done has to be done in the right moment. (As if this right moment will somehow magically appear carrying a big sign that says “Right Moment – Act Now!”)

Because what if mistakes…it’s too risky. Because there is fear of past and future. Because there is uncertainty in the present.

Of course the things being waited on are not trivial. Quite the opposite. People will do everything else without too much fuss, yet wait on that one thing, on THE thing they truly and deeply care for…what is closest to their soul.

I want to shake them. And yell.

I am reminded of “Waiting for Godot”. I suggest, as gently as I am able to, that there is nothing…and I mean NOTHING worse that sitting and waiting on what is most important. This isn’t a dress rehearsal, there is no spare life. What is there to fear that is more dreadful than regret?

Alas, the dialogue ends up something like this:

“Vladimir: I don’t understand.
Estragon: Use your intelligence, can’t you?
Vladimir uses his intelligence.
Vladimir: (finally) I remain in the dark.
Samuel Beckett, Waiting for Godot

So yes, I watch people around me sitting on gold mines…on things of the soul. And practical things. And ideas. And love.

And they sit. And ask for advice, usually from others who are clueless. Funny how people will dismiss their intuition but embrace the wrong advice. And then they debate. And do nothing.

They reassure me they will finally act when everything is right and ready.

I wish they could understand this:

“Are you ready?” Klaus asked finally.
“No,” Sunny answered.
“Me neither,” Violet said, “but if we wait until we’re ready we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives, Let’s go.”
Lemony Snicket, The Ersatz Elevator

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