a little valentine’s day reminder



underneath whatever mask you wear or things you carry…

regardless of sins or sufferings or in-betweens…

whether you’ve been a poet, or fighter, or coward, or saint, or villain, or lost in some story…

YOU are a gentle soul.

remember that.

if you are smiling, and there is light in your heart, and you are the light in someone’s eyes, then smile and be glad of having done justice to your gentle soul.

if you are not smiling, and there isn’t much light in your heart, and you are not the light in someone’s eyes…

…then don’t smile if you can not, but do remember and still be glad of your gentle soul.


valentine’s day can be a day of so many superficial things. a day when gifts and flowers are given because the calendar dictates compliance and guilt perhaps dictates compliance too. and pride, and who knows what else.

but today can also be a genuine day. a day of remembering the gentle soul inside all of us. and celebrating that. and pledging to continue to do it justice.

or else somehow…somehow, seeking to do it justice.


“Whatever you know or don’t know, only love is real.” ~ Rumi




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