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“If I were to wish for anything, I should not wish for wealth and power, but for a passionate sense of what might be, for the eye, which ever young and ardent, sees the possible.” ~ Søren Kierkegaard


everything is perfect in its own imperfection.

we need roots as much as we need wings.

people often mistake the permanence of something (imagined as stagnation as part of commitment) with the continuity and beautiful flow of important things in our lives.

change is not impermanence or detachment. real change is learning and creating…embracing a diversity of themes within an ever-expanding context.

being wanted and needed are not burdens but privileges.

needing something because it is loved is very different from loving something because it is needed. knowing the difference makes all the difference.

life, as we know it, is pretty short. so, to borrow a wise saying, later is always now.

when someone sees the best is us, and the worst in us, and loves us for all that we are, they are not setting up expectations, they are giving us the gift of freedom to manifest and  share our true selves.

words often misrepresent feelings. that is why it is so important to see with the heart, listen with the heart, trust with the heart and live from the heart.

we often fear that something is possible much more than we fear something is impossible.

getting all we’ve wished for, waited for and worked for is only the beginning.

strength is not weakness overcome, but weakness embraced and potential pursued.

courage is not the absence of fear, but using fear as a teacher and guide. if we stop fearing fear and dance with it instead, we discover what amazing things it can show us and how it can lead us to real freedom and joy.

there are no excuses. only lies.

to find the path, all we need to do is walk.

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  1. milktherapy says:

    Beautiful words ♥


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