A difficult truth, because it is so simple


Beyond the many veils of this difficult life lies a simple truth. And just as this truth can free us into a real and complete happiness, it can also shred us into a bitter shame or painful settling.

Because you see, what is in this noisy world full of blood and dirt ultimately doesn’t matter. Because it is possible to be beautiful, connected and loving…to dream, to walk, to dance. Even in this mess. To be good to each other. To laugh and hold hands.

Even if it’s raining. Even if there is great distance. Even if resources are limited and obligations are endless.

No effort is too great, no sacrifice too heavy. What must be endured is. Hope finds her way while wearing a blindfold. Strength, even as she stumbles in exhaustion, finds the path and the weary travelers who need her.

Patience walks with Tenderness…with delicate and awkward little steps. They walk trough mistakes and blissful patches alike.

This is the miracle and also the tragedy: love is real. And it can only do what it knows how to do.

When it doesn’t, it’s not the world’s noise or blood or dirt that stop it. It’s not the rain, or the distance or the limited resources and endless obligations.

The only thing that can stop love is the absence of love.

Yes, to love in this world demands so much of us. It complicates our already complicated stories and puts us face to face with seemingly impossible odds. But despite all of the mess we stand in or are about to create, it always finds a way.

It’s a difficult truth to face, because it is that simple. Love always finds a way. And when it doesn’t, it is not love.

“Yes: seed-germs, and grief, and everything that throbs
frightened in the crackling January light
will ripen, will burn, as the fruit burned ripe.

And our problems will crumble apart, the soul
blow through like a wind, and here where we live
will all be clean again, with fresh bread on the table.”

~ Pablo Neruda


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