When all else fails, stay stubborn


There are those times when everything goes wrong. Or doesn’t go at all.

And let’s face it, positivity only goes so far. As does endurance. There comes a time when there isn’t a spin left to put on the disaster that’s unfolding.

The experts will encourage you to be fierce and boldly go where a select few have gone. Forgetting of course that temperaments, skills, emotional thresholds, and circumstances all play a role in how a success story unfolds.

Not everyone is a warrior with a one track mind. Not everyone does battle with swords. Some do battle quietly. With other ‘weapons’. Some pulverize ‘the enemy’ while others try to grow flowers and write songs.

But my point here is…sometimes, everything fails. And when it does, do not despair. I mean, you will despair, of course, but try not to. Because there is a way out of hell.

Forget about trying to summon inspiration so that the storm you see and live through will seem like a gathering of rainbows. It’s a storm. Cold, violent, dangerous and exhausting.

You can’t remove the storm. You can’t fight it because there’s nothing to fight it with really, not when your resources have been exhausted.

But you do have something left. Persistence. As in, stubbornness.

So be stubborn. Refuse to give up. Don’t expect a reward, or praise, and forget about success. Just focus on making it through.

Insist on your right to walk. Insist on it. Stomp your foot at the universe and let it know  YOU WILL NOT YIELD. Crawl if you must. Walk when you can. Stubbornly.

Mind you, there will be those who will throw stones in your already impossible path. They will fight you, try to tear your soul to pieces, insult you with judgments and betrayals. They will sneer, they will mock your struggle.

Forget them. They are small and sad creatures, as all those who attempt to make themselves stand taller and on higher ground by belittling others are.

Keep your focus on your stubborn soul. Be proud of it. Let that be your guide, your rest, your goal.

And trust me, one day, the storm will end. When you least expect it, you will suddenly get out, and everything will change.

Nobody will judge or laugh anymore. And you will be strong. And clean – of conceit, of martyrdom, of guilt and of toxic people in your life.

Seriously…just be stubborn. The universe loves and rewards a stubborn soul.

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    1. jb says:

      Thank you 🙂


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