When is it too late?

Photo by Marco Bianchetti on Unsplash

“Sometimes too late is just in time.”

 C.J. Carlyon, The Cherry House

Blessings are not always easy to recognize.

Because sometimes they hide behind things we wish we hadn’t done, whether guided by error or intention. Because sometimes they hide in that darkness we couldn’t control and pain we would have given anything to avoid.

Yet it is never too late to recognize a blessing. And no matter how impossible or late or difficult things may seem after mistakes and struggles, it is never too late to begin again, to rebuild, to refine a dream and go for it.


It is too late when we do anything half heartedly. Too late even when we have just started. Might as well not do it.

It is too late when we’re unwilling to learn, grow, and genuinely invest in whatever it is we’re after.

It is too late when we’re unwilling to be honest and authentic. And also, be gentle, patient and mindful when we express our honesty and authenticity.

Shakespeare wrote “better 3 hours too soon than a minute too late”. I used the quote in another post, because I used to believe that in all things, if one misses the proverbial boat, it’s over.

Experience has since changed my belief. Whatever happened in the past, there is nothing that stands in the way of our creating the present and future with so much more wisdom, with lessons learned, with healing underway. There’s always a blessing to understand even better, or discover.

It’s never too late for the open, willing, hopeful heart. Right now, where we are, with what we have, is the perfect time.

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