Yes, but no, but maybe: the art of awakening

Photo by Fernando Jorge on Unsplash

“The chains that break you, are the chains that make you. And the chains that make you, are the chains you break.”

― Anthony Liccione

Before it all gets sparkly and amazing, awakenings are rather unpleasant. Definitely uncomfortable. And for those of us who are not on our first so-called rodeo, they can even be quite embarrassing too.

As in: “Wow, it took me THIS long to get this?”

Awakenings bring clarity. Real choice.

And yet, the older we are, the more we know about what can go wrong.

So, instead of jumping up and down with joy and proceeding to skip along the obvious path that opens beautifully in front of us, we sit there boggled down by measurements and equations.

Because what if this. And what if that. And what will this one say. And what will this one think. And what if it’s all wrong, and we have miscalculated…again.

What if the awakening is yet another illusion.

It’s not easy.

Because the ego lies. Traumas lie. Conditioning and patterns lie. The past lies.

And yet the space they create is where we live so much of the time. A space of negative outcomes that don’t exist, yet we keep fearing and therefore re-creating.

We forget that lessons are tools, not predictions. We forget about our amazing capacity to learn, change and evolve.

Awakenings often bring endless debate. Yes, and no, and maybe. Definitely no. Yet, why not? Absolutely yes. No way.

Hopefully, and let’s just say eventually, awakenings activate strategic thinking. It’s an artful process of creation, nothing like a debate. And while we may not be used to recognizing the difference, it does become clear.

Which means the chains break. We come alive. And things finally start turning sparkly and amazing.
As they should.

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