Photo by Saffu on Unsplash

I was asked if/when I will be posting something about love for Valentine’s day. It was a surprising question, and very sweet.

But what more to write when there are hundreds of posts here already on the subject. In some form or another, always about love.

For what is more important?

But love is not always enough, is it…

Not when it is halved, or traded away for favors of coin, or some other fantasy of the ego.

For all those who understand, there is much to read already written. Some of my humble words perhaps, but mainly, poems and stories conceived by talent that I certainly do not possess.

As for the traders and half-ers…they don’t read blogs. Or poems. And if they appear to, it’s an act. Another superficial conquest fantasy the ego took on.

Perhaps this all sounds a bit sad and defeatist, but it is not that at all.

It’s simply that books, posts, music and films I’ve experienced lately all reminded me of how special and also, how accessible love is. Regardless of circumstances. Always a choice.

And that love is a thing of quality. Of effortlessness and also effort.

It has many names too. Courage would be one.

We all know the skills involved in elegantly carrying this gift and sharing it in the world are easily accessible to anyone. Those who genuinely want to learn, grow and heal can do so at any time. Those who do not, do not. It’s THAT simple.

Besides, writing more about all this, at least in this moment, seems redundant. Like trying to laud at nauseam the value of a priceless thing everyone knows is priceless.

Enough words. Enough of trying to explain and teach.

This love thing is right here. To just feel and allow or not.

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