Yes, because there’s nothing to lose

Photo by Armand Khoury on Unsplash

What is it they say…

Something about how if the answer is yes and things work out, you win. And if the answer is no, and things don’t go well, you win again because you learned a lesson.

They also say (and psychology proves it) that we will do more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure. Which is why we have such a hard time with taking a risk towards something.

As if the risk of loss by silence or stagnation doesn’t count. As if death by a thousands small cuts (aka regrets) is somehow not death.

The reality is that all the reasons we come up with for not doing, not saying, not trying whatever in this life are ridiculous.

Not ridiculous as in the feelings of apprehension, fear, or outright terror not being real or understandable.

Ridiculous as in these feelings becoming barriers and prisons, instead of allowed to remain what they are: temporary, normal feelings that come and go. Reactions to thoughts, to projections or memories.

So then…what is the worst thing that will happen if we do, say or try whatever it is that needs to be done, said or tried?

I mean really.

Sure, if it all comes from a place of deception and bad intentions, better don’t bother. But if we start from a place of affection and hope, understanding and genuine good intentions, why not start?

Does it matter what others will say? Does it really matter if we make fools of ourselves, or worse, if we fail? Does it matter if we get corrected or reprimanded?

No. We have learned. And next time we can do better. And to hell with what anyone thinks.

Besides, truth will always prevail. It will either be shared and shown, or else fester inside us and manifest in so many other ways, all of which involve struggle and pain. Death by a thousand cuts.

I know too well that not all the chapters behind me or most people are what I/we wish them to be. Yet whose are? Every fairytale evolves around a mess of enormous proportions.

And yet, things can change. And do. In fairytales as in life.

But only if someone steps up and does something, says something or tries something. Come what may.

There’s nothing to lose. Really.

Because the alternative is, there’s everything to lose. And that’s not an alternative to live with.

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