Will you remember who you are? (an almost poem)

Photo by Andy Willis on Unsplash

“if you must turn hard to survive, don’t let it be against yourself.”

e. wilder, balefire

the song, not the scream.
the gentle word. not the anguished. or the loud. or the terrifying.
the soft and gentle hand, not the one that strikes. not the fist.

will you remember who you really are,
and take yourself back to those old moments of aloneness and fear,
and show the frightened child waiting there that they are not alone,
and not in that place anymore?

you are not a sharp edge, or a scattering of mistrust.
you are not a wall. or a broken path.
you are not their victim.
not the prisoner.
not the token they traded.
not the promise they broke.

you are so beautiful.
you are the song, and gentle word, and soft, gentle hand.
you are open, and strong, and brave.
you are hope. clean silence. you are joy.
and love.

yes, you are love.

remember, please, who you are.

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