Nothing wrong with a sappy, happy outcome

I don’t need to tell you I’m a total softie.

But I do arrive late to the party, which explains why I recently finished the last episode of Suits that everyone else saw three years ago. And now, because of Donna, I’m growing my hair even longer.

Seriously though…given what’s happening in the news, the timing seems perfect to witness some happy outcomes and hopeful vibes all around, even if it’s mostly on Netflix.

And surprisingly, what I love most about Suits (and in general, similar stories) goes beyond the sappy, happy endings.

I love the journey.

I love witnessing people finally getting out of their heads, defeating stubbornness, and discarding ridiculous, negative ideas that are limiting and destructive in the extreme.

It may not always be like this. But it’s good to be reminded that love wins, that people can learn and change and grow.

Good to be reminded that quality friendships make all the difference, that good things can and do happen, and loyalty saves the day.

As Harvey says, love is a terrifying thing. Because yes, it’s not safe. Because when you love you’re afraid of losing what you love and what loves you back. It seems easier to hide.

But then, love also changes us. In ways that involve work and discomfort, and can’t be explained…only lived, and lived well. Thank god for that.

There’s really nothing more to say. Because we all know what is most important.

We know what needs work, where we’re stuck and what is good for us. We know what is familiar, convenient yet toxic, and what’s not.

And we either embrace or avoid the journey to a higher, healthier and happier level in life, both energetically and in very practical terms.

We all know it’s a choice. And so, to each his own.

What IS left is….to enjoy these two adorable video clips. Nothing wrong with a sappy, happy outcome.

Here’s the proposal:

and here, a nicely done piece on these two adorable people:

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